Ghostbusters Mobile Game: Capcom Wants Beta Testers!

     Good news everyone!  A new Ghostbusters game is in the pipeline from Capcom, who are currently looking for Beta testers.  By filling out a survey at the Capcom Unity website you can sign up for the role, but the site gives no indication of what type of game they're developing.

     Will this game be based on the original film and sequel or perhaps maybe a tie-in to the either of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboots?  There's really no way of knowing yet.  Being a mobile game there's a decent chance it'll follow in the path of the most recent mobile Ghostbusters iOS game by Beeline Interactive.  Personally I hope it'll be more akin to the 2009 Ghostbusters on PS3 (and the more appropriately related mobile counterpart on Nintendo DS).
     Regardless, they've gotten my both my attention and my application survey.

     Sources [ Game Informer ] [ Capcom Unity ]

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