Official FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer (Josh Trank)

     After waiting a very long time, and hearing about many problems from this (such as reshoots and the casting decisions), I think the official Fantastic Four trailer isn't to bad.  Sure, it's got the over-dramatic music and has some bland shots, but it's also got some really intriguing ones as well.  We'll have to wait and judge it later when we actually see it.

     So by the looks of it, they are sort of using the Ultimate Fantastic Four universe- maybe entering the Negative Zone to get their powers.  It looks interesting and I'll keep being hopeful for now.  Plenty of us recall seeing other Marvel properties that looked great as trailer, wind up as complete messes.  Hopefully, Trank has kept this on a smaller scale.  I don't want to see a global problem- just show us a tightly knit story about people saving a city, not the world.  In the larger sense they can, but keep it contained.  Keep it small.
     As for the cast, I think they are all pretty damn good.  Hell, Toby Kebbell should've gotten an award for his role in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Michael B Jordan was great in Chronicle, Jamie Bell was amazing in The Eagle, and so on.  They are all great.

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