Children of Morta: Kickstarter Begins

     Yesterday the Kickstarter for Children of Morta officially began.  Since the first time I saw it back in October 2014, it's been continually impressive and I can say I'll probably be backing the project.

     The Kickstarter Launch Trailer:

     Children of Morta is Dead Mage Studios's 2D pixelated hack-n-slasher and here's the official blurb:
Journey with a family of guardians that will stay together to fight the newfound evil corrupting their beautiful mountain and their lands. Be part of a world of fantasy and mysteries.
Children of Morta is a story-driven hack ‘n slash game incorporating the elements of the roguelike genre, where you will go on an adventure with the guardian family of Bergsons.
The family have lived on the outskirts of Mount Morta, guarding it for many generations. As a tragic event in Morta corrupts the roots of life deep in the mountain, all the creatures turn into furious, mindless monsters. Now the land’s only hope is for the Bergsons to find the seeds of life and use them to cleanse the corruption.
     The estimated release for Children of Morta is Oct. 2015 and will be available DRM Free on Steam as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux- with the potential to be expanded to Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo's Wii U.
      For those that missed them, here's the Debut Trailer:

     and the Story Trailer:

     Source [ Kickstarter ]

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