Josh News Update: 07.20.2014 Edition

     Well, I went and did it.  By "it" I mean I took some time away from the absurd amount of homework I've been chipping away at, and actually rounded up some writing samples, put them together with a decent cover letter and a resume, and applied for Game Informer Magazine's recently opened Associate Editor position.

Here's me with my two co-writers.
    In all honesty I think my biggest selling points are my unrivaled determination to continue writing about gaming culture and creativity... and maybe my location.  Being somewhat local, I understand our state's need to dig our way out of our homes and into our jobs through 6 feet of snow for 9 months a year.  (Yay Minnesota!)

     For submissions I tried to be varied, and the only things that can't be found on my blog were the Twitter contest items- I actually had to use TwimeMachine to root these out of my account- so here you go:

     Dark Horse Comics' Mass Effect Twitter Contest Entries (Won): (Feb 14th, 2012)
My scans of your galaxy show you have an abundance of Eezo in all the right places. #ME3PickupLine  
Want to help me Unlock my Paramour Achievement? #ME3PickupLine  
I'm going to *Probe Away* until I find all of your Element Zero. #ME3PickupLine 
Like Legion, you're a million-in-one. #ME3PickupLine 
Of course we can, but it only took me a single Grunt to lay low Tuchanka's Thresher Maw. #youprobablyheard #impressive #ME3PickupLine  
I intend a whole night of huggin and Klixen on Tuchanka. #ME3PickupLine 
Wanna get Wrex'd in EDI's cockpit? #ME3PickupLine 
"Cant talk now, I'm Mordin you can handle"- Mordin *winks* #ME3PickupLine 
You Effect my Mass more than Miranda's sassy tight pantsed biotics! #ME3PickupLine 
      Mass Effect Twitter Haiku Contest Entries: (Feb 16th, 2012)
Scattering Reapers, Shepard's team unstoppable, Normandy rages #haiku @masseffect 
Enemies abound, Fortunately for the Earth, Shepard never fails #haiku @masseffect 
Reaper's arrival, In Earth's imminent demise, Shepard presses on #haiku @masseffect 
Space hamster saves all, a tiny hero rises, beyond his glass cage! #haiku #masseffect3 #spoilers 

     Nothing breathtaking of course, just a bit to show how I can think outside the space-box.  It also helps that I've drastically improved my writing quality since starting this blog in 2008.  Seriously, it's hard to maintain output when I have a more-than-full-time job in Health Care and have been going to school full-time as well.

     I'm sure they'll get a thousand better submissions, but none as persistent as myself.  I'll be continuing here and my other sites as long as I can- I'll be doing this whether I get a job there or not.  Just they're consideration would be unbelievably appreciated.  I mean c'mon- it's friggin' Game Informer!!!

     Good luck to all the other applicants, especially my buddy Jim, as his dedication and love for games is easily as great as mine, if not greater (his FPS skill certainly is!)- and he is well deserving of a life-changing job like this.  I'm not even going to lie, his writing skill is much better than mine also.  I may take him in creativity department, but his raw writing skill far surpasses anything I could offer- so keep an eye out for him, he'll be great even if he doesn't get this job.

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