Bioshock Vita: Ken Levine Still Wishes He Could Do It

     Ken Levine has tweeted a few things about the Bioshock Vita that never came.  At one time, E3 2011, it was hinted that we'd be receiving a "unique" version for the Sony Playstation handheld system, but due to Sony and the publisher 2K couldn't quite get the deal worked out.

     Quite interesting to see what might've happened had this game been made.  I'm not the biggest fan of tactics-type games but given the person making it and the franchise, I would've definitely bought it.

     Since the closing and dispersal of Irrational Games it seems even less likely we'll see this type of game. Although the rights are there (2K owns the rights), and because this is a money making franchise, there still remains the possibility of future Bioshock games being produced, just not this one. Especially since it hadn't even begun.

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