First Official Pic of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Revealed! (Zack Snyder)

     So Zack Snyder finally posted a tweet with the first actual picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.  I'm fairly impressed.  She might not be as bulked up as I was hoping, but it'll do for now.  Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is looking better already.  Now to wait for Warner Bros. to officially release the San Diego Comic Con footage teaser trailer...

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  1. Wonder Womans' strength was never created in the 40's to be a muscle man/woman.Wonder Woman could break chains and lift planes without being a She-Man.That was the original Wonder Womans' charm and Lynda Carter did it flawlessly.What we are taking a gander at now appears forced and generic.I could live with the costume in the event that it reflected Wonder Woman more and Xena less.Other then her eagle and bracelets nothing screams Wonder Woman at all including the actress.She is an attractive actress yet you are either the part or your not and I don't think only I'm the point at which I say she is not the Wonder Woman the lion's share of us have been holding up for.The actress doesn't need to be Lynda Carter however she ought to be the role she is paid to play.
    @Yvonne Sims.

  2. I know I'll have to wait and see how she is in the film to really make a judgement, but you are fairly correct that she isn't quite suited to the role so far. The strength and power she had in the 40's can be ascribed to everyone looking essentially like everyday people with extraordinary power- however in the modern era (notably the Nolan and Snyder film universes) people expect to see capable looking individuals. Back in the day a 120lb woman wouldn't look like she could do much, whereas an actual fighter would be easy to spot based solely on build. Look at the MMA ladies- not a twig in the bunch.
    For Linda Carter- she embodied the character perfectly in a time when it was acceptable to not be ripped looking in the role. So it's going to be a very difficult thing for ANY woman to fill a role so concretely set in our minds for so long.
    Which brings me to the costume- it's going to be damn near impossible for an adequate choice. They need to hold true to the comics while somehow shoehorning in the "grim and gritty" newness to it. It's a touchy subject, but once again, I'll wait to see her in motion and how the costume fits in with the world they generated around her. I mean it was an abrupt change for Batman to go from tights to rubber and armor but it worked. This case will be much harsher for fans.

    PS: Thank you for commenting!