Alien: Isolation: 2 DLC Preorder Bonus: The Nostromo Edition

     In an interesting turn of events, the makers of Alien: Isolation, The Creative Assembly, have announced what the preorder bonus is- a 2 part DLC purchase upgrade called The Nostromo Edition.

     What makes this interesting is it brings together the original cast of Ridley Scott's original Alien film from 1979.  Sigourney Weaver will once again play Ellen Ripley, joined by Tom Skerritt, Veronic Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, and Yaphet Kotto all reprising their characters.  I do notice that the man that played the deceptive android Ash, Ian Holm, is the only one not returning.

     The first part of the DLC is called Crew Expendable and will begin right after Brett's death and allow you to choose one of three different perspectives to play from- Ripley, Dallas, or Parker.  Each character offers their own slightly unique view of the events and will have their own starting resources in an attempt to root out the xenomorph and get it to an airlock.

     The second part, titled Last Survivor, will be only available through certain retailers depending on which territories you are in.  In this DLC you play solely as Ripley during the finale of the movie while she must initiate the self-destruct sequence of the doomed Nostromo and try to reach the safety of the escape shuttle Narcissus.

     These DLC's will have a large and explorable part of the Nostromo, but the alien itself will retain the unpredictable nature of the main game, so each time you play it will behave differently.

     Alien: Isolation will be available Oct 7th for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

     Source [ IGN ]

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