Superman Vs. Batman: Casting thoughts for Man of Steel and a Dark Knight...

     Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. are rumored to have a list of actors to replace Christian Bale's Batman for the next Man of Steel film - announced at the International Comic-Con.  The film itself is reported to be based, at least somewhat, on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns from the 1980's.  A damn good series, and I would recommend it to many people that want to get into comics. 

NOTE:  The pic is a SPOILER from the comic.

     The Hollywood Reporter cites sources saying the studio is looking for a late 30's early 40's Bruce Wayne (Batman).  The character will be "established and rugged." 

     So far the 6 rumored actors are:
Josh Brolin- No Country for Old Men
Ryan Gosling- Drive
Joe Manganiello- True Blood
Richard Armitage- The Hobbit
Max Martini- Pacific Rim
Matthew Goode- Watchmen

     Seeing as the script isn't written, things could easily change.  Of the list above I can pretty much see any but Gosling.  Seriously, why is he on that list?
     If they are shooting for the tone of Frank Miller's series, just keep Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  The whole Christopher Nolan series led up to him taking on the mantle.
     I've had this argument with tons of people- Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy set it up so Bruce Wayne started legend to be filled.  It doesn't matter who wears the mask, it is said multiple times, and John "Robin" Blake had the determination to go the distance.  He was not set up to be the brightly colored turd called Robin.  No boy wonder here.  Give him the chance to become the Bat.
     Does Bruce Wayne have to be the one to beat Clark "Superman" Kent?  If yes, pay Bale enough to bring him back.

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