Logo Design: Bethany Sparrows

     A while back a friend of mine asked me to create a logo for a school team of soccer players he coaches.  This instance is for the ladies soccer team at Bethany College- they wanted to be called the Sparrows.  Well, I immediately asked if it was in reference to a well known Biblical quote, and while it was not at first, they took it to heart- and now that's what it means.

     After the first bunch of sketches, he was adamant that they wanted the first one specifically.

     So I worked on that a while and after numerous system crashes and various life problems bogging me down I ended up with this pile of crap. (An early Adobe Illustrator version)

     Well, I kept getting frustrated and stuck and completely unhappy with all my iterations so I called in the Ole BFF Nick Straight to help clean it up and this is what we finished with.  Ok- he cleaned up my crap and this is the end result.

     Much better than anything I could've done alone.  Yay teamwork!


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