She Dreams of Olbermann

     I sent a friend a Twitter link this morning about the amazing Keith Olbermann's return tonight to ESPN 2's SportsCenter and here is her reply.

     My dream is for Keith Olbermann to sing "Soft kitty, warm kitty" from Big Bang Theory.  As he has meltdowns on all of his shows eventually, this could happen.  I'm excited he's back, for however short of a time before his ego destroys him.

     Imagine Keith dead panning:
Soft kitty, I hate the republicans,
Warm kitty, the pitcher is fucking terrible (reference to obscure player from 1957),
Little ball of fur (war is bad),
Happy kitty - I, Keith, am happy occasionally,
Sleepy kitty, why he made that play call is unreasonable.
Purr (pounds on desk), Purr (screams at the camera and points), Purr!  
     Crumples paper, throws it on the floor.  

     (Note- I asked if I could post about the response on this blog because it's so great.  She is to remain nameless- "I'm fine with that if it is anonymous, unless Keith randomly sees and enjoys it.  Then I want him to bang on the desk and scream, "Purr purr purr!")

     In all honesty, this is now something I want to see as well.  If any readers happen across this blog post and knows a way to make it happen, well, let me know.

'Olbermann' premiering tonight (8/26) on ESPN2

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