Peter Wartman: Over the Wall

     It's time for some comics talk.  A friend of mine, the highly talented Peter Wartman, recently published an 80 page comic called Over the Wall.  You might be thinking, "Of course he's pimping his friend's creations."  But, this fellow is quite talented and deserves more exposure than this blog could ever manage.  I had the privilege of seeing and hearing about parts of this before printing, and it's great.  So if you enjoy comics and good stories, I would recommend you check this out.

Pic stolen from Wartman's website.

     Here's the blurb from the Amazon page:
     A great wall separates a magnificent metropolis from the surrounding countryside. All humans are banned from ever entering the city. A young girl is determined to enter the forbidden city in search of her lost brother. When she crosses over, fantastic adventures ensue in narrow medieval streets, ancient temples, and abandoned bazaars of the haunted city. 
     To save her missing brother, she must grapple with mythical creatures, explore the mystery of the missing inhabitants, and cure the amnesia of an entire civilization. Over the Wall immerses the reader in a richly imagined world of coming of age rituals, lost worlds and the nature of memory. The beautiful two-color art vividly brings to life the fantastical architecture of mysterious metropolis and faintly evokes the crisp lines of Japanese anime. 
Over the Wall is a stunning debut from a young and talented cartoonist Peter Wartman.
Here's the link if you would like to purchase this wonderful debut.

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