Heroes: Pass/Fail

Why am I still posting these???  Ugh, the show is getting worse... 

Hiro is in the hospital getting seen for his tumor while unconscious.  In this state he is undergoing what I can only describe as the typical hero's battle with the underworld/afterlife.  In this "struggle" he is on trial for putting himself before the time and space continuum. 
The defense is Kensei/Adam Munroe and the trial is judged by Hiro's father.  While doing good for many, and somehow helping tons of people, it is apparently considered "selfish" to save one person while letting Sylar live.  How does that make sense, because of all the other times he didn't kill Sylar.  Even after stabbing him with a sword in season 1.  He pleads not guilty, and eventually changes his plea, and gets magically healed by his mother's ghost.  Ludicrous.  Sylar killed without Hiro, so Hiro not doing anything then PRESERVED Sylar's timeline with the exception of getting Charlie's ability. 
Then the healing?  Come on, while he can be a good character, some of these people gotta go.

Samuel is trying to get his old lady friend to like him again.  She doesn't go for it, so he sends her on his way, and very maturely destroys a town.  How grown up of you Samuel.

Over in college land Claire is pushing Gretchen away from herself personally.  Sylar shows up and tricks Claire into thinking he has abducted Gretchen.  Then attempts to get some information from Claire through his new touchy feely power.  She stabs him in the eye, and runs away.  Then goes back to her apartment to untie Gretchen(who is a very cliched Sylar in disguise).  They hide in a closet and have a heart to heart.  Claire realizes she's a friggin idiot for letting a single aspect of herself rule her life and decides she wants some Gretchen love.  Sylar gets the idea he may need to lose his power to become more normal. 
He then lets Claire know that he didn't abduct Gretchen and is on his merry way after watching Claire come out of a closet to go come out of a closet in the cafeteria with Gretchen.  Nice.
What happened to the vengeance quest???

He then is out to find Parkman and have baby touch and go possibly stop his abilities.  Lame- In posts a long time ago I suggested that Parkman team up with baby Parkman to wipe Sylar's powers.
http://joshuabarsody.blogspot.com/2009/04/quick-pre-heroes-post.html  and

Oh, and where did Tracy go?  Or Molly?  She's been left without any familial support for a long time, both surrogate fathers have forgotten about her.  Or any of the other people that just fall off the Heroes world, they all just disappear.  Underwater breather, Claude, Luke, or Samson- where are they???  Why isn't Samson looking for a way out of his cancer?  He would be a hell of a villain for the many good guys to fight.  Epic is what is the potential.  Maybe he already has the healing, Sylar can get them without killing, so perhaps he already has it and it's just not activated???

I would also like to see Peter and Sylar work as a team.  Or Sylar absorbing Peter's ability and becoming an empath- feeling so much would make him an overly emo leader, but with the capacity to do something about it.  I mentioned this a long time ago as well.  There is also stupid Peter not taking Sylar's ability, and all subabilities problem still.  WTF Heroes writers???

I can't believe I'm still doing these...

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