Heroes: Let it Bleed

Gabriel Gray goes back to the circus and realizes his Sylar is limp.  By not killing Samuel and becoming even more powerful, but he lets him live.  Then finds out through Miss Touchy McToucherpants that he is afraid of being alone.
Why doesn't Sylar use the truth hearing to get information from Samuel? Or just take the power of Samuel without killing him?  So many things could be done...
Also, I'm pissed about the Puppet Man getting whupped again.  That could be such an amazing fight.
He gets a tattoo of what he wants, and it turns out to be Claire.  Creepy.  So he heads off to stare in her window.

Claire is a whiny idiot again. "Oh, how could you lie to me dad? Did you forget what Sylar did to me?  He 'Bad-touched' me in the brain meat!"  He let you live stupid.  So she makes Noah leave the funeral for Nathan.  (Good call on that, eliminating Sylar's use of Nathan's face to gain political power)
She has some talks with Peter.  Peter goes off looking to be a hero and gets himself shot.  Then Claire reprimands him for not letting things go.  Dumbass, she's doing the same thing.
Peter get's Claire's exboyfriend's (West) flight ability and flies off at the end of the episode. 

Noah catches and interrogates the speedster for information.  He kind of befriends him and they make a hesitant deal to eliminate Samuel.  Edgar decides Noah is to violent, and doesn't want his family hurt or separated, so he abandones the plan.

That's about it for now.

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