Heroes: Close to You

More late Heroes postings.  Yay...  not really.

In this latest episode Hiro and Ando go and save Mohinder from a Mental Institution of some sort.  They kind of wind up in the Institute then all escaping.  In the end they teleport away... and show up in Noah's apartment.  Wow, big surprise.

Samuel and the Xerox man go off to find the girl Samuel likes.  They get her away from Noah and Matt who are attempting to get info.  They track her to an empty field, the carnival teleported away or something.
Noah is also sort of told to rebuild his relationship with Claire by Lauren.

Lydia is not happy with Samuel, and tries to do a call to Peter.  I think it would be sweet giving control of the Carnival to Peter, it would be in the best interests of all involved.  He's an empath and wants to help people, and they are a bunch that need to be helped.

Peter and Angela have dreams involving a terrible future of Emma's.  Peter goes to her place and smashes her cello.  She gets pissed and sends him away.

Blah blah blah.  Oh, yeah, Parkman is having bad feelings about not going after Sylar when he had the chance.  Lame-o.  He is always running.  Oh, can't use my power, can't help my friends, shut up Parkman.  Does he even remember his adoptive daughter Molly?  Loser.  Grow a sack and start DOING something.  He has a power to seriously mess with Sylar.  Think about it, he could get in Sylar's head, root around to find where he keeps the "sweet spot" that regenerates his body, then use Sylar's own telekinesis on Sylar to have him cut it out.  Easy peasy.  But nooooooo, he'll probably keep being a whiney baby.

Ugh.  I'm sick of these posts, too much potential that isn't being followed through.
I'm quitting for now.  Maybe the next post will be more enthusiastic. 

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