Heroes: The Fifth Stage

A quick post of the last episode before tonights new one.

Claire and Gretchen steal the magic compass from Noah and go to the circus.  Samuel uses deception to make Claire want to join.  In the end Samuel gets a man to fight him, but doesn't fight back, Claire steps in, and the man leaves.  Samuel has him killed later and the body dumped in a truck.

Noah has a odd encounter with a past almost-fling, but she had her memory wiped so she is hesitant to believe him.

The main portion is Peter going after Sylar to retreive Nathan.  He finally gets the Haitian's power to negate Sylar's abilities and put them on a level playing field.  He uses a nail gun and punches and harsh language to beat Sylar up, then tries to erase the "Sylar" parts out of Sylar.  Obviously Peter should know that healers cannot be mind wiped- a fact proven time and again, they always get better.
Anyway, Nathan comes out, and they try and bond on the rooftop where Peter walked on air.  Well Nathan in an act of retardedness tries to commit personality suicide by diving off the edge, but wouldn't his flight be a natural response to save him?  Well he smashes into a car below, after Peter and Nathan say their goodbyes, and heals and shifts back into Sylar, who waves to Peter and walks away.
HELLOOOOOOO people- Nathan's body is still in a containment unit and can easily be revived with a healthy dose of Claire blood, so we'll probably be seeing more Nathan.  There's also the potential for Sylar to take on Nathan's persona for his own personal gain.  More power for himself to do as he pleases.

Where did Parkman go to?  He looked to be on a determined mission, but as to what it was...  ???
I look forward to Parkman becoming a serious force to be reckoned with.  Another nightmare man, but perhaps for good. 

Whatever- I have to wait and see how things go.

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