Heroes: The Art of Deception

Another super, almost late, post.

Mr. Bennett and his ladyfriend are out and about in an attempt to take Samuel down, through violence if necessary.  Claire is not pleased and gets involved.  Samuel tricks everyone and has the Duplicator guy out shooting his own people making them believe it was Mr. Bennett.  Not very nice, but that is how manipulators like Samuel operate.  Sacrifice anyone that may be a threat. 
I was hoping that Doyle, the puppeteer, would've listened to Claire saying that her father didn't do it.  Like HEL-LO!  Would they think a person of Bennett's caliber would be such a crappy shot with a gun???
Lydia ends up dying even though Claire could've donated some blood.  Stupid people, uglk.
Then Noah's ladypal Lauren calls in Tracy Strauss.  Perhaps they will recruit more lost Heroes?

Matt finally pulls a Nightmare Man move and pushes Sylar into his own nightmare.  An entire world to himself.  Why would Parkman resort to this, he could've just helped him.  Or Sylar could've done it to himself as he is in proximity to Parkman and could take the ability. 
Parkman was then stopped midway through walling Sylar up like an old Poe story.
Peter shows up and gets Parkman's ability then goes into Sylar's mind to find him.  Parkman may need to jump in to help them both out of it. 
I would expect the Nightmare segments to be done more horrifically.  Where's the sweet creepiness?  I want more from these "fights". 
Besides if Sylar does come back to the good side, papa Gray can come back and have a sweet battle.  Samson Gray should already have the healing power in stasis because of proximity to Sylar, if their powers are in fact the same.

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