Heroes: The Wall

     In this latest episode we get another black and white past flashback of Mr. Noah Bennett.  How come he is hogging all the flashbacks???  Now that I think about it shouldn't all the Hiro in old Japan scenes been in black and white?  They were technically part of Adam Munroe and Hiro's pasts???
     Anyhow, Samuel has his Mirror Memory Shower guy reveal Noah's memories to Claire.  They show he had a wife and potential child that were killed by a special with telekinesis.  He gets on the revenge job, and tracks one of the other specials down.  For some reason Noah assumes there is a secret club or something where all the special people know each other.  If Mr. Bennett is smart enough to track one of these people down, one could hypothesize he would guess they may not know each other.  Uhhh... I have blue eyes, but that doesn't mean I know every other person with them.  Duh.
     Some crap goes down, Bennett accidentally kills the guy and flees.  Later Mr. Thompson shows up to give him a job.  Then even later Thompson tells him to be more careful.  Explains that there are too many accidents and mishaps.  These are PEOPLE they are dealing with, not all monsters.  There is also the setup of Noah and Sandra(2nd wife) as Thompson tells him he needs to live as well as work.  A forced normalcy.
     Another flashback, this one more recent where Noah tells Gretchen she has to help him or she'll have to deal with the Haitian, and with the recent devastation there he is probably very pissed and will be extra cruel.
     Claire leaves and Samuel thinks he is all smartypants with her.  She tells Samuel that nothing has changed and she will still side with her father.  She goes to Noah in a trailer and Samuel buries them.  To help her learn stuff, like how to watch her father die by burying the trailer under tons of ground.  It's not like he hasn't been dead before.  Obviously Claire can fix it once they are out. 
     I have a feeling Molly may reappear or some of the other specials will help get her out.  Eli the Xeroxing man didn't seem to happy about the occurrence, perhaps he'll have a change of heart.  Then again, he didn't care so much when he was shooting his friends.  Or when is Tracy going to show up?  With some sweet backup- maybe Claude the invisible jerkface is still following him around secretly?   

     Sylar and Peter in Sylar's mind meet up and attempt to escape the nightmare.  Peter slowly convinces Sylar he is actually in a nightmare, not in real life.  Time is all messed up here, they are living out years in the span of hours.  Sylar starts to realize he is responsible for his own humanity and choices, and gets Peter a 9th Wonders comic.  What I don't get is why the hell did they not read it?  Surely Peter should know it was/is made by a precognitive and usually has useful information. 
     Well with each progression in Sylar's thoughts they get closer to escape.  First he decides he wants to help Peter, then they find the wall.  Then he wants to get out and the wall starts to break.  They break out and are back in the now.  On the way out of the house, a bunch of the duplicating guys show up.  Seriously?  Like he stands a chance against Sylar and Peter who is sporting telepathy.  I would like to see what the nightmare of Eli would be.  Maybe a world of him being overrun by his own duplicates ruling himself? 
     If Peter gets Eli's ability, does all Peter's duplicates have Peter's power also?  Or even better-Sylar gettnig the duplication power?  How many Sylars could there be???   Interesting...   ...and why hasn't Sylar and Peter traded powers yet?  Come on Heroes writers, at some point this has to happen.  Perhaps Sylar already got Peter's empathy, Peter just needs to reset his old abillity by taking Sylar's, or having Sylar fix it.
     So the cracked Earth is definitely a possibility with all these specials around Samuel.  Could he possibly rip Central Park out and create a Heroes universe version of Asteroid M from X-men?  I mean if the good guys have the Haitian, Parkman, Ando and Peter/Sylar combo, how is Samuel supposed to keep going?  Ando cranks up the good guys and they obliterate the bad guys.  No problem.  But as it goes in the Heroes world, fights are too lame, and not enough awesome.
     I have a small hope that Samson Gray kills Samuel, and becomes the major baddie for next year.  That would eventually lead to an end battle fought on both the physical and mental planes.  Highly doubtful, but would rock my socks anyway. 
     I would so would as a thinktank guy for the show for free.  I wonder if I'd get highered???

    -Hey, where is Hiro right now???  Why doesn't he just teleport in and take Samuel away?  If he has control over the flow of time, theoretically he could slow it for Samuel and torture/gather info to go rescue the lost Charlie.  Or as I previously suggested, go to the time when she was sent away and find out where whe went.
     I'm still pissed that he is such a Deus Ex Machina, showing up and fixing things just in time.  Will this time be like season 1, shows up and stabs someone???

Blah.  I quit for now.  Hopefully the finale is good.

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