I've been MIA for a while...

My apologies to readers who've been wondering where the hell I've been.  Part of it is a whole lot of crap, all saved up and dropped on me at one time.  Another part is that I've been working on a comic with my best friend Nick (http://www.nicholasstraight.blogspot.com/) for an Altered Esthetics show.

Since I don't have much to add, I scanned in this doodle I made a couple years ago in a spiral notebook.  It is done with a few felt tip pens and a couple highlighter markers.  Pretty much a lobster obeying it's cephalopod master.


  1. I kind of hoped the lobster was demanding obedience. ;)

  2. Actually... is it too late to change the story? Because that may be what's going on. Everyone knows those lobsters want total dominance over everything else in the universe.
    Have you ever seen the looks they give people from the giant fish tanks??? They're in there looking at you with those squinty stalk eyes and thinking, "Yeah, you go ahead and eat me human. Just wait till I reach your lower intestine. I'll have VENGEANCE! BWA-HAHAHAHA!!!"