Quick pre-Heroes post

Just some thoughts before tonight's episode:

Jokingly I thought to myself how funny it would be if Parkman was holding Baby Matt, and had to change him, then handed him off to Sylar saying, "Here hold this!"
As soon as Baby Matt got into Sylar's hands, toddler touch-and-go would start crying and power Sylar off. Then Sylar would be like, "Ewwwwww..."
End of my stupid mental daydream episode.

But, in all actuality, I want to see Parkman cranked to the max by Ando. He could get to Sylar, in theory, anywhere on planet, by finding his thoughts. Once inside Sylar's head he could have Sylar use telekinesis to excise that microscopic part of his brain that enables healing and kill him from afar. Or use the power to torture him, from WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY over there. Or even shut down Sylar's powers considering they reside in the brain/mind.
I was also thinking he can't just mind wipe him because Sylar could heal it like Adam(Kensei) and Peter did.
But... What if Parkman swapped his own mind with Sylar's, then killed Sylar in his old body before he could get used to the new mind powers? Then Parkman would have all Sylar's abilities(he could even look like himself with the shapeshifting), and Sylar would be no more.

Speaking of Peter, what the hell? Once a heavy hitter and now he is brought low, and now he is a nobody. Although, he could touch Sylar and empathetically absorb all the stolen abilities. Thus be back to awesome level. But, he is Peter... So that probably won't happen.
I do wonder how the Petrelli Mafia start up will go. Considering the last 2 companies went under, the difference is this is a "family", not a company. Lame.

Still wondering where all the missing Heroes went??? Molly? Claude? West? The Fish-boy? Rebel(Micah)? The Haitian?


  1. I lost track early on, but the more i hear the more confused I get, and the less interested in catching up properly. Maybe one day I will sit down for some mammoth Heroes sessions. Not today.

  2. I'm so ready for the final episode! Bring it on Kring!

  3. PS: when will we see some short essay writings from you?