Heroes: Turn and Face the Strange

Super quick post-

Mohinder and Parkman split up- Parkman wants vengence, Mohinder wants solutions to problems that don't involve more trouble. They part ways, and Molly is still nowhere to be found. They are amazing surrogate fathers.
Mohinder goes to his old place and learns of a stash of information his dad left in storage.
Parkman finds a way to hurt Danko nonphysically by ruining a relationship with someone he loves. Matt forces Danko to admit his heinous ways to the woman, and she hates him for it.

Hiro and Ando attempt to reunite the Matt Parkmans and succeed.

Sylar starts destroying Noah's life. Not killing him, but just making him seem crazy in the eyes of all his peers. Systematic disassembling of his life, great use of your power Mr. Gray.

Angela, Peter, Claire, Nathan, an Noah meet up then dig some bodies out of the ground in an abandoned desert place called Coyote Sands. Yay for family reunions and the buried skeletons that come up with them!

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