Heroes: 1961

I believe this to be another filler episode.

Angela, Peter, Nathan, Claire, Mohinder and Noah all meet up in Coyote Sands. Peter, Nathan and Claire all dig constantly to find bodies, while Angela neglects to help.
She is to busy reminiscing about the past. Falling into daydreams/memories taking place in 1961, she arrives at a camp for special people with her family. They get to stay a while and get tested, it shows more of her dream ability and using the recall to make it appear like she can read the Zener cards(the name is a nice tidbit of info i retained from years ago). She questions Chandra Suresh about the testing because she doesn't trust him. A good thing because she can dream the future. I also would like to note the creepy guys filming in the background. No wonder it seemed so strange.

Chandra is collecting data on all these specials and would explain his knowledge of abilities and there specific locations in season 1. But why would he have only supposed it in the book, and not just brought forth all the previous data, of which someone had to have copies somewhere.

Well Angela ends up meeting future partners of "The Company" Mr. Bishop(Elle's Dad), Mr. Linderman, and Mr. Deveaux(Simone's dad, Peter's patient from season 1). We finally get to see him use an ability in an obvious way. He displays what appears to be a fairly high level of telepathy-making many others ignore that he and Angela are dancing in a racist diner. This may also explain how he knew when Future/Ghostly Peter was watching him in season 1. Could it also be how Arthur got the power? Maybe not taking all of it from him?

Angela learns her sister(Alice) can control the weather, and later her father displays a power that seems similar to Havok from X-men.

Angela sneaks out with Deveaux, Linderman, and Bishop to go to a Diner and talk about the going ons in the camp. While they are out Dr. Suresh tests Alice and she becomes extremely frightened by his GIANT 1960's syringe filled with what may be assumed to be all manner of strange chemicals. She freaks out and starts shifting the weather into ultra windy sandstorm with lightning. The soldiers start freaking out and shooting, many deaths ensue.

In the present Nathan and Peter work on fraternal bonding. So while Mama Petrelli is in LALA land they are attempting to forgive each other and reconcile differences for the greater good. By the greater good, I mean becoming a family again. Albeit a very disorganized, loosely knit family.

Angela finds her possibly mentally deficient sister has been living in an abandoned bunker for 50 years. Stealing to survive when necessary, very like season 1 Angela. Alice listened to Angela when she said she had a dream, and she'll be "safe here"(a lie). So, unlike any sane person, she took it to the most outrageous end- Stay here always means safe ALWAYS, instead of LEAVING and finding Angela when the dust settled(both literally and figuratively). Which of course would have been approximately the next day when all the action calmed.

Angela lets her in on the little secret that she lied and Alice wanders up out of the bunker and disappears. Wow. I feel so fulfilled with that family reunion. Hey, I have a crazy living sister, and... (ten minutes later)... now she's gone. Again.

Noah and Mohinder and Claire come to realize that good things may be done while under the guise of wrong. Chandra may not have been doing bad things even though evidence may be to the contrary. Much like Noah working for Primatech. As ever, looks can be deceiving, and good or evil is very much blurred in a gray world.

Gray world? Yes, I made a stupid joke to segway into this portion of the blog. Gabriel Gray, aka Sylar's world. I said it a bunch before, and I'll keep saying it, Sylar is heading towards his "5 Years Gone" self. The end of the episode of course confirmed this, as he was posing as Nathan on the television. Was it just me or did Angela have a creepy ass smile during it? Maybe her age-defying tricks have permanently forced her face into that atrocious smirk. That could be why she never helps to do any work(digging), it's because she's afraid of splitting at the seams and letting all the dust out.

Peter and the gang(sans Mohinder, who is off doing some soul searching) decide there needs to be a new company. A new way to hide from the world the fact some people may have extraordinary abilities. This time they want to do it in a good way. A family type of way.
Even though it didn't work in the past, this time will be different.(that last part was said with 25% hopefulness, 25% excitement, and 50% sarcasm)
How cool would it be if Peter became the next Arthur? Highly doubtful, but it could be neat, IF he regained his old power. If not he will probably die very shortly.
With Sylar now so powerful there needs to be a group attack on multiple levels-find him via Molly, Parkman(amped by Ando) on the mental plain, he could even be in another city(Ala the "Nightmare Man"), while a possibly Ando-ed up Peter siphoning his power on the physical level. Of course the Haitian would need to be around as a precautionary measure.
Yeah, the Haitian. You know, that guy that vanished way back when.

Whatever. I'm done for now.

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