Heroes: Into Asylum

Nathan and Claire hide out in Mexico because Danko's reach hasn't extended the US borders. Claire pawns a piece of jewelry to earn some money, and Nathan bets it in a drinking contest. Of course things go wrong, Claire uses her power to out drink a college-type and win it all.

Nathan gets Claire's hopes p with some drunken promises, and true to politician archetype, reconsiders in the morning. Then slightly later re-reconsiders. They head for America, on foot.

Angela and Peter wind up at a cathedral looking for answers. She needs sleep to dream, and it is ever evasive. The dreaming sleep she needs must be earned. No drugs, no cheating to get things. It eventually comes and she points to an angel picture and says something about needing to bring the family together and then finding her sister.
Some agents show up and Angela and Peter hide in the confessional. Noah gives the all-clear and saves their asses. I find it somewhat hilarious that Noah is playing a saving role in the great rains, a biblical reference anyone?

Sylar and Danko. Sylar teams up with him so they both will get what they want: Danko=death of specials, and Sylar=more power.
I am really getting disturbed by Danko's unexplained past and current hatred. I find some interest in Sylar's comment that Danko is a shapeshifter. Nothing that says anything about him in his apartment. It's also worth a note that he is deliberately hiding his own past. An avoidance of something?
Well, the two work together to find an actual shapeshifter who is hungry for power. At least in an effort to get girls. They go to a club and track him down while he is disguised as Danko. They catch him and Danko lets Sylar have him, but he wants him to do it without lopping off the skull. Which shows Sylar doesn't have to cut them open. It's been previously shown he can empathetically take powers, but can he now leave specials alive while also groping around their brain pans?
Sylar has a shapeshifting ability and is one step closer to his "Five Years Gone" self. Could this be a return to that kind of future? It also renders Danko unnecessary. Sylar could just watch him for a while, learn his mannerisms, some important facts and then just assume his identity.

Anyway, Noah shows up and is sort of flabbergasted that Danko "got Sylar". Noah seems to know something is amiss, like it was too easy. No struggle means something is not right. It appears that he will gear up for some precautionary measures to take on Danko(and Sylar), with some very careful observations. Watching very, very closely.

Oooooohhhh... exciting times coming in the Heroes universe.

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