Heroes: I am Sylar

I'll get rid of non Sylar stuff first.

Hiro is being an idiot about Ando having a power. Ando's primary power is a SUPPORTIVE action. A booster shot for superhuman abilities. His secondary usage for it is offensive electricity. There is no question that if Hiro was a comics nerd, he should know that sometimes Heroes fall(both physically and emotionally), and need the assistance of others, friends that are equals, to help them back to their original standing. Hiro NEEDS Ando, if not as a partner in crime fighting, at least as a friend. His recent stupidity is jeopardizing that.
At the end of the episode he gets a nosebleed from attempting to stop time. Is it too much strain? Parkman got one from trying to read through the Haitian's power, the Haitian got one from trying to suppress Arthur Petrelli, Angela got one from resisting telepathy, and I believe Peter got one when attempting to tear off a vault door with telekinesis(he should have just walked through it with intangibility).
Or it could it be he is scarring his brain? Like when people have too much brain tampering/memory erasure.
We see Ando continue to be a good friend even now. Consoling him and giving him tissue to help with the bleeding.

Parkman is going through too many flips. He loves Daphne and wants revenge. He is over that fairly quick, maybe he just used his power on himself and to himself he is over Daphne. Then he wants his wife back now that he knows he has a son. Now he wants to go stop Danko. Make up your DAMN MIND Parkman!

It looked like in the preview he meets up with Hiro, Ando, and Mohinder to assumably take on Danko at "Building 26". I hope Parkman gets cranked to the max by Ando and jacks all the prisoners minds into Danko's. That way every one of them can have a little revenge. Imagine it as Danko's mind is broken into a bunch of little shards, and in each shard a super powered prisoner can torture Danko all they want without any repercussions to themselves. So he would be essentially experiencing many modes of separate hell all at one time.

In addition Parkman could set up a "Nightmare Man" scenario with Danko in his own worst nightmare, on constant repeat. Possibly having to do with the time Angela Petrelli referenced to him in the diner episodes back, where Danko mysteriously survives a time when no one else does.
This could be the point where he makes a choice that ends up with him on the path to his "5 Years Gone" self.
Which also makes me wonder about Parkman as a father... it hasn't worked with his adoptive daughter Molly, who has not even been mentioned by himself or Mohinder at all. Yeah, that's great parenting.
Is Toddler-Touch-and-Go going to be a key in the coming war with Sylar? Perhaps Parkman can work something up to where he can get in close and shut Sylar down with baby Matt. Specially if TTandG gets supercharged by Ando. Maybe Parkman can use his mind to direct amped baby Matt's ability towards Sylar and flip the off switch from afar? Can a baby Matt do his thing without touching when boosted? Or can daddy Parkman do it THROUGH baby Matt's mind? I don't doubt that Sylar is balancing on an edge, and just a nudge from Parkman's telepathy could send him over to Crazytown.
Angela, Noah, Claire and Mohinder all look to be captured by soldiers. How could they know where everyone was. Was it the aforementioned MIA Molly? Has she decided that after losing her parents and being abandoned by her adoptive parents she now is out for herself? Perhaps a young new villain?
I also believe that Angela and Noah have bigger plans that are not being stated. It should be thought that Angela can dream the future, and humans have roughly 8 hours of sleep night, so she probably has many more dreams than she has been letting on.
Danko now has Nathan Petrelli in custody, saving him from Sylar's hand. He also showed a small bit of humanity by attempting to help Sylar with his identity crisis. He even has an "anchor" to his multiple lives that is a pocket watch. Was this a fake, for surely he must know Sylar's past. Why the change in character?

Micah the Rebel. He is let go by Sylar, avoiding capture by Danko's men. He says he knows who Sylar is(on a higher level? meaning more than just a name) and what his problem is. Sylar is losing himself, forgotten who he is. Can Micah read the electrical impulses in the brain? Brains are complex machines, so one might think that is a possibility. Micah catches Sylar talking to himself(as his mother). Very awkward. Like walking in on your parents.

In this episode he displays a few odd things that seem odd for his character. The first is that he wakes up shapeshifted as Agent Taub. He also has generated an extra tooth. (the tooth thing makes me wonder how much extra substance can he create, extra organs, limbs, bodies?) He seems to be losing his grasp on himself, and Danko tells him he needs to find an anchor to keep his self grounded. Something to remind him of himself. Danko's is a watch that Sylar immediately listens to and diagnoses as being off by some amount.
Later Sylar spares Micah because he's just a kid. Micah tells Sylar that all the specials are connected and Sylar in particular can save them all. This seems to tie in nicely with what Future Peter told Present- Peter that the key to saving the world is Sylar's ability. Is it that with his power of understanding systems he may be able to pinpoint specific things to change, in an attempt to bring harmony to the whole(saving everyone). Finding the problems on a massive scale- Sylar has yet to turn his power on himself, which would put his pretend selves into perspective. People forget he was a watch-MAKER, a creator of systems. One watch he spent years working on. Focusing on and perfecting it. Micah tells him he should turn into someone to do good, someone with authority. He needs to turn the "Hunger" for knowledge into a useful urge. Looking at more than just stockpiling powers, looking at the world as a whole. Maybe a solution resides in that, Sylar going outside the bounds of personal growth towards global growth.
Notes on Sylar's Intuitive Aptitude, the power of inherently knowing systems- he knew how Knox's worked after witnessing it, he got Elle's originally without lopping off her skull, and the Shapeshifter's power was retrieved in this fashion as well. Is he listening to their brains like when he listens to watches? If so, his understanding doesn't necessitate brain-diving induced murder. Why does he need to keep killing everyone?

Also I want to know how he is breaking through other people's powers. He broke through Hiro's time-stop in season 1, the puppetmaster's control from chapter 3, and most recently he came out of his Samson's, sedation-whistle. Is the understanding by witnessing it possibly giving him a knowledge of how to thwart others' abilities? Or did he pick up something unnamed?

Is anyone even still reading this??? Blah blah blah, wordy-word-words...

Random Thoughts/Predictions:

  • Will Sylar kill Nathan and Parkman moosh Nathan's mind into Sylar's body and create Gabri-than Gray-trelli?
  • Will Sylar Atomize, or snap-shatter someone? That is hard to come back from, even with a jug of Claire's blood.
  • The finale's title is "An Invisible Thread"- is Claude going to be hanging around? Or Monica, Luke, Alice, West, Fish-guy, Samson, or the third Nikki/Tracy woman(Barbra I think)
  • Is Arthur for sure dead?
  • Can Parkman override Sylar's Lie-detector power?
  • Will Sylar forget powers like Samson did(he mentioned forgeting most of the ones he took)(Sylar still has the Gold power and the Sonic Scream). And after Samson ridiculed Sylar for hunting prey that was too easy, will Samson return to kick some ass?
  • Will Claire be set on the path to Dark Future Claire? Or how about Future Ando shocking Hiro?
  • I have a strange notion/idea that baby Matt activiates a dormant power in Noah and de-ages him to a little boy, so the potential Future Sylar's child wasn't Sylar+Elle's child, or Sylar+Claire's child, but an accidentally youthful Mr. Bennett.
  • Parkman's turtle and Mr. Muggles are still behind it all.
  • I know Nathan was born powerless, but did Simone have a secret power? Her dad was Mr. Deveaux(telepathic).
  • Will we get to see the Body Swapping power that Future Peter used on present Peter, placing him in Sonic scream man's body.(Jesse)

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