Heroes: A Clear and Present Danger: notes and thoughts

Back to fairly frequent posting, if only for Heroes.

This episode starts out with Tracy on the phone listening to the television. Nice overlap with the TV talking and her conversation. She is caught by a hunter of some sort. This hunter has information and preventative measures to take down special people.
He seems quite well at organizing take downs, with a couple exceptions(Sylar and Mohinder). There also may be some kind of super power with him-after being hit with a car door he is pretty unfazed.

Hiro sets up a homebase for Ando, complete with costume. It is good to see that Hiro, like Peter, is still trying to good, even without powers. Ando doesn't really care because his power is useless without other powered individuals around. Anyways Hiro is abducted, and Ando uses the Hiro computer set to track him.

Nathan and Angela are still up to there douschebaggery. Not much else there. Wasn't Nathan going to be a religious zealot just a short time ago?

Claire is still a dumbass, but attempting to live in accordance with her morals. Warning Peter and Matt, although not quite in time to help Matt. (who should have been able to read her mind when the knock came)

Matt wants to lead a normal life, while Daphne wished to use her speed to free up time to do stuff. I believe Matt may be heading in a direction like Peter/Sylar. As Sylar inspects the brains to get more abilities, and Parkman can do anything the mind/brain can, does that mean he can absorb mental powers-> and thus Usutu's power, and maybe the shade of Usutu as well?
I'll have to ponder this, I suspected it earlier, but I was thinking it would be a channeling of powers based on the mind-(no strength or speed types), although in time he has the potential to touch the minds of everyone, to control or influence them. He could become the next nightmare man if not careful. With a few exceptions(Peter, Haitian, Sylar), he could be a hell of a force to deal with.

Mohinder runs into Peter and both now have jobs again. Yay, they are more like normal people! Well after a short conversation, Peter leaves, and the hunter guy gets in his cab. They end up in a parking garage, Mohinder puts up a struggle and runs. Noah Bennett picks him up, gets some information and tasers him.
HRG(Noah) is back to bad things. Why would he be helping the hunter and Nathan when he knows that some of the super people are harmless or helpful?

Nathan talks to Peter to see if he'll be on his side, Peter refuses. Stating his will to fight against this injustice, Nathan wants a hug, and then Peter gets tased by Noah. Peter was double dousched. Man, that's gotta suck bigtime.

Sylar time. Sylar visits the father that abandoned him and his mother. He uses the truth power to get answers, and finds that he was actually the son of Samson Gray. Another biblical name. Well, Samson is a taxidermist, nice, and it may be true that this is his father, but the premise is also a trap. Nice that they taser the shit out of him and try to rope him up with snares.
It doesn't work, he takes them all down with general ease. A decent use of multiple abilities.
He then starts torturing one of the soldiers to get answers.

Well time for the end, the prisoners are led onto a plane being co-piloted by Noah. Claire is sent away by Nathan, she escapes and boards the plane.
She then starts unmasking and de-drug-tubing the captives. She gets Peter loose. Which brings me to a question, he could fly directly after injecting himself at Pinehearst, but now has to touch people to absorb powers. What the hell?
Well he gets Mohinder's strength and Tracy's freezing. Do they still have the powers also, or did Peter upgrade to Arthur's method of power sapping? Completely taking them.
Back to the escape-> Peter accidentally freezes the side of the plane, and causes the plane to begin to crash.
It ends with Peter possibly being sucked out the hull hole (hehehe, hull hole, I am such a dork), but why would he care, he can FLY.
So the guards and one masked prisoner have been sucked out. I wonder if there are any newbies? Or if the captive sucked out was one of the main cast? Doubt it.

I can't be sure, but did the screen Ando checked for Hiro's location read "Africa"?

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  1. heroes keeps reinventing their plot line which is annoying. it would be fine if they used it as an opportunity to start being consistent. we'll see if they do this season, my guess is no.