Heroes: Trust and Blood

New storytelling method in this episode. Nathan is telling it through flashbacks of a sort.
After the crash, everyone is running, apparently only in a small area.
Hiro and Mohinder follow a white-eyed Parkman to a trailer, where he breaks in to get drawing materials. I think maybe he is reaching mind powers of others, like instead of only painting like Usutu or Isaac, maybe he'll reach a point of clairvoyance without needing to paint. Kind of like a mental room where all these precognitives (including Angela Petrelli- through dreaming) can access in different manners, Matt may be able to eventually control how he gets into the "zone". Like a state of control and awareness on an entire mental plane.

Hiro doesn't want to give his powerless self up, as a hero's journey has some low points. He feels it's his duty to help save the world.

Anyway, they head back to the crash site to try and save Daphne from the Parkman sketched fate.

Ando and Daphne arrive, Daphne retrieves Claire from a tent, then gets shot while near Parkman. (can she heal at an accelerated rate? none of the shots hit any vital areas) Parkman then makes one of the soldier's shoot the others, and the "Hunter" shoots that soldier. Why doesn't Parkman get inside the Hunter's head and scramble it. Think about this, Parkman could get access and make him believe they disappeared, or make him relive horrible memories, or perhaps even mentally torture him. Then with Ando amplifying, Matt could easily wipe the minds of everyone in the area, possibly the world. Like a mass hypnosis to make everyone think that the group (Matt, Claire, Mohinder, Hiro, etc) are all dead. Which wouyld effectively make them invisible to the world.

Then Ando could also theoretically crank up Peter's power to the point of absorbing ALL the abilities in the world. Could Peter possibly be able to sift through them, like snag Sylar's from afar, then start to pick up all the rest in a systematic fashion. Specifically getting Molly's power and finding out where the hell the Haitian disappeared to. (could he be the one that text messages Claire to "Rebel"? Or what happened to the invisible man??? Or West?)
It makes me wonder if Peter amped up could actually take the powers away like his father.

Noah gets to Peter and Claire, brings Claire in and lets Peter go. He also let's him go later as a sort of favor to Nathan later. It also gets me that Peter can only hold a single power at a time. So Sylar is now the most powerful, because he can retain seemingly limitless amounts of ability through both understanding and empathetic means.

Nathan is up to general no good. Collecting various people that are fairly harmless, Claire berates him for kidnapping Hiro "of all people". Then ends up lying and capturing Tracy again. Although Peter gets away, again. He ends up asking his mother for assistance, but she won't because of his choice of help (the Hunter, his file shows murder).

Peter meets up with Ando, Hiro, Matt and Mohinder. They plan to fight under all circumstances.

Sylar time. He tortures the soldier, and takes a couple hostages to persuade the man to talk. He ends up finding that Luke has an ability, and a kinship of a crappy mother. Wow, that links them to most of the males in the world.
Sylar sees the power and let's him live, I suppose it is just another unnecessary power, not useful. Well, they end up on the road to finding some Sylar-daddy information together. A new era for Sylar, the buddy-comedy misadventures of super powered murderers? Maybe. Maybe not.


  1. I prefer Sylar's side story to the main story arch.

    I cannot wait to see if he finds his dad.

  2. I hope Sylar is his dad. His own dad, I mean. Like some point in the near future he gets time travel and goes back and... hooks up with his mom in the past... wait, I feel a little sick... (repressed vomit noise)

    scratch that.
    I hope his dad is cooler than Arthur Pooptrelli.