Heroes: Cold Wars

First thing I would like to get across: This episode was obviously a filler episode. Just meant to give little amounts of characters/story while buying time for the better parts of the series to be finished.(writing or special effects, etc.) The flashbacks in black and white were a nice touch though.

Matt, Peter, and Mohinder are interrogating Noah Bennett. Mohinder is arguing the unethical treatment and Matt doesn't give a damn. He wants answers, and believes it's the only way to get the answers they want.

The flashbacks give information regarding the last month of Noah's time. He speaks with Angela Petrelli, Nathan gets him a job(that also helps protect Claire), and we learn Danko has an unspoken hatred for specials. Maybe he is one, and just has that weird self loathing extending to all others. Another possibility is that he was somehow hurt by one in the past.

There are also plenty of signs that Noah is doing things to protect and hide people with abilities that are of a useful variety, and take down or contain those of a destructive nature. Part of this is becoming buddy-buddy with Danko Douche bag.

In the now- Peter gets into Noah's stash of goodies, Matt and Mohinder get into a fight, Danko gets a bullet in the arm, Mohinder gets caught and blackmailed into helping Nathan, Matt gets information of Daphne being alive, and Noah gets a buddy(sort of, in Danko-a ruse to gain trust).

Well Nathan keeps Peter from killing Danko(showing he is trying to remain somewhat of a humanitarian), because that's what Danko wants to push along his cause(kill all the specials in his "war" that is coming). Then Peter rescues Matt from Noah.

Then Noah is talking to Angela, who tells him he will have to push the envelope to gain a little more trust with Danko. He leaves the watch gift she gave him on the bench for her. By the looks of it her precognitive dreams are not being shared with many.

Then Matt is painting tons of pictures of what looks to be himself blowing up DC with sticks of glowing stuff. What if this explosion gives people powers- the sticks are glowing green stuff, maybe not to kill.
Which reminds me of the quote a couple episodes ago-"Hiro doesn't die, because I kill him." But Ando may have alternative uses for his ability. What if he can reverse his current power- instead of amplifying, what if he can subdue them. Much like the Haitian, who is still MIA.

Hopefully next week will be more interesting.
While this episode gave insight into how far some characters are willing to go to achieve their goals(Matt and Noah), it could have been done much, much better.
I want to see Poppa Gray.

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