Heroes: Building 26

This will be super quick.

Claire is still being an idiot. Obviously her teen trust issues need to be fixed, as HRG is trying to help.
The new person she helps escape is named Alex and can breathe under water. If I'm not mistaken they aren't too far from some kind of body of water, in which he could hide indefinitely.

Hiro and Ando crash and stop a wedding. Hiro learns what Peter already did, you can be a hero and be powerless at the same time. Then they get a message to save Parkman from Claire's text buddy "Rebel". Time in these snippets must be off because Parkman is rufi-ing HRG after this message, so... could the messages be from another person that has knowledge of future events? During the first season, for a time, I thought that maybe Linderman was a Future Peter, coming back to organize things into working away from the bomb. It would have been very interesting.

HRG has family troubles, gets the boot, and ends up in a bar. I thought it would be funny if he ended up like Parkman from season 1, and well, that's pretty much what happens. Although Parkman could have worked his brain from elsewhere, they drug him and take him away.

Nate and the Hunter get into a fight, the Hunter(Danko) saves the program from a disbelieving Abby Collins at the expense of another person's life.

Sylar and Luke are found in a restaurant by Danko's team. Why did Luke need to distract the gunman? Sylar could have telekinetically held his finger from the trigger. And the rest of them as well.(remember the doors and blinds all being slammed at Claire's house?) Well, Sylar busts out, leaves Luke to be captured, then comes back to get info, and releases Luke from custody.

I do have a possible thought about Sylar's daddy- Martin Gray is a clockmaker, and Samson Gray is a taxidermist right? Well they are both jobs based on a highly complex systems, both need a high level of intricacy, fine details and such. One mechanical, one biological, they are very similar jobs(anyone think that maybe there could be a reference to the "Great Watchmaker"? Especially because of the early episodes all having Biblical references, including names and Sylar's apartment walls covered in repentant writings) Could Sylar's pops have made him with this specialty knowledge? Like a designer child? Perhaps all the Gray males have an inherent ability of decoding how systems work.

I'll just have to wait and see.

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