Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: Handsome Jack Doppelganger DLC Pack

     This announcement is something I've been waiting for since at least Nov. 15, 2012.  Almost exactly two full years after my post about potential future additional playable DLC characters for Borderlands 2, we get one of the ones I've been wanting.

     So the first DLC pack for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, we get a Jack Doppelganger that summons two Digi-Jacks to back him up.  As the official Borderlands website states:
     Jack has stood by for far too long watching the Vault Hunters go on exciting adventures, so he’s decided to join in on the fun…sort of.  With the Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack, you’ll be able to play as everyone’s favorite maniacal tyrant-in-training, “Jack” the Doppelganger. As “Jack,” you’ll be able to summon multiple Digi-Jacks, which will join you in battle to mow down enemies and earn you more sweet, sweet loot.
     Depending on how you spec out your Skill Trees, these Digi-Jacks can earn you bonuses or even get you a Second Wind in Fight For Your Life. “Jack” can also shoot enemies with wrist lasers, get buffs every time he picks up money (in typical CEO fashion), or even get upgrades for using guns made by specific manufacturers.
     Additionally, there will always be 2 Digi-Jacks on the field.  If one dies, another digi-structs next to you!

     Out of curiosity I wonder if this particular Doppelganger will be Timothy, the one we hear about in the ECHO log recordings from Jack's Office?  Since the one we killed in Opportunity in Borderlands 2 didn't have the surgery, he used the pocketwatch tech to digi-struct a holographic look of Jack around an engineer, it is more than likely not Timothy, so we could see more of him in Borderlands 2's sequel.  It's a possibility.  I mean with the fact there were multiple body doubles, there could be a few more Jack's still out there...

     The Handsome Jack Doppelganger DLC Pack will be available on Nov. 11.
          It will be released on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. ($29.99 instead of $39.96- $10 off!)
          Price: Free for Season pass holders, $9.99 otherwise.

     Afterward notes.  From what I've read, the Pre-Sequel's DLC's are to be 2 characters (Jack's double, the Baroness, a level cap raise, and one campaign DLC.  This actually makes me a bit angry, I was looking for forward to a slew of small campaign add-ons, instead of two characters and a level cap boost.  Don't get me wrong, I will be playing all of it, but I just want more game.  Even if they are small like the Headhunter Packs it would be great to add more story.  I picked up the season pass under the impression we'd be getting more actual campaign material.

     Plus the fact that it's rumored that both bonus characters and the level cap were already on disc is a little bit aggravating.  (The data was data-mined on the disc by players.)  Granted, that could just be the base coding while they are fixing, patching, and prepping the stuff to add later.

     It just feels like a letdown that we aren't yet getting more story after the wealth of DLC Borderlands 2 got.  The official page above says "the current plans are to include another character, a level cap upgrade, a new campaign, and more!" so I shouldn't worry too much yet.  Perhaps we'll get more short DLC packs or a 2nd season pass.  Borderlands 2 had 4 campaign DLCs and then a ton extras, is it too much to hope for the same here?

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