Batman: Arkham City: NEW Easter Egg Found!!!

     After people searching for remaining Easter Eggs in Rocksteady Studio's masterpiece game Arkham City, a new one has been revealed.  This one involves the character of Calendar Man, who if you visited on specific days like Holidays had extra bits of dialogue giving people extra reason to swing through the game.  For players that didn't want to wait, they could set the console's clock backwards or forwards to trigger the same effect.

     Over three years since it released, there has still been hidden treats for us to find, and for this one, you must set the clock back to the date of Rocksteady Studio's founding, on December 13th 2004- almost a decade ago.  it gives a multi-layered meaning, and a hint towards the end of the Arkham trilogy with the release of Arkham Knight coming in June 2015.  Thanks to Batman Arkham Videos for this find/post.

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