Jurassic World: First Official Trailer

     After the delightful teaser a couple days ago, we get the full trailer for Jurassic World and it looks quite good.  Hopefully, we get a couple nice cameos though.

      It's never a good idea to make dangerous dinosaurs smarter and then keep them as essentially prisoners.  Never.  And a Sea World like place with, what was that, a liopleurodon?  A kronosaur?  A mosasaur?  A pliosaur?  I don't know, but it was huge.  And far too close to the spectators.  Maybe this film should be called Liability World, because it can only result in disaster for the owners of the park.  Especially since if someone can make velociraptors team up with humans, one would think they'd also be able to instill the ability to not kill people at all.  Something like a genetic version of the Three Laws of Robotics

     Is it too early to pre-order tickets?

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