Styx: Master of Shadows: A Skilled Goblin Anti-Hero and Some Trailers

     Styx, tiny Goblin thief and assassin, has set off to commit the crime of the century.  He intends to use his skills to get through the Tower of Akenash to gain access to a the Heart of the World Tree and obtain Amber, the magical sap that can bestow immense power.  The cost of this power is a descent into madness which is something it looks as if Styx is willing to take.

     Players will need to rely on cunning and stealth to make up for the diminutive size of Styx.  In addition to the time-tested assassin skills of ledge-pushing, throat-slitting, and throwing dagger tossing, Styx also has a few extra supernatural abilities up his sleeve to aid in his shadowy business such as creating clones to cause distractions and turning invisible.  The cloned doppelganger can assist in more than just looks, it can help set up multiple murders with you opening up a whole new realm of strategy.  

     Of course the game is designed with verticality in mind so players have a plethora of options to choose from in dispatching enemies in each level.  You can lure guards in and drop crates, you can sneak up and smother someone, or you can even poison them.
     Infiltrating the Tower will take ingenuity.  We must be vigilant and keenly perceptive to make it.  Scale up, sneak under, and find your way through shadow to eliminate all those in your way to the Heart of the Tree to get that sweet golden sap.

     Styx: Master of Shadows is slated for an October release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
          No exact date is set.

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