Styx: Master of Shadows: New Trailer: Die Harder

     Developer Cyanide Studios and publisher Focus Home Interactive's upcoming stealth game Styx: Master of Shadows debuts another homage-titled trailer today aptly called "Die Harder."  It shows off a variety of ways that Styx may be killed during the game.  Whether it be by trolls, traps, or magic guards- it's always quick.  Stabbed, shot, strangled, thrown from ledges, and crushed by giant fists.  There's plenty of ways to die if found.

     The most important thing to take away from this is if you are caught- run away!  Styx isn't strong enough to take on even a few enemies at a time.  The game does show the option to parry, but to what extent is not shown.  I believe it'll be just enough to separate yourself from the situation and back to the shadows.

     Styx: Master of Shadows will be available for in October for PS4, XBox One, and PC.

     Only Steam has an exact date (Oct. 7th) listed and a price of $29.99.
     Steam also has an exclusive 20% off pre-order bonus.

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