Josh News Update! Labor Day 2014 Edition

This is my gross face.
     It's been a busy summer.  Sadly I haven't gotten to as much as I'd like.  Hell, I've hardly gotten to see any of my friends all summer due to school and work.

     On the good side, I'm already back in school, worked all day, and still have a ton of drafts on deck for posting to any readers that might be out there.  Plus I've been plowing through games, movies, and comics to review.

     I've been struggling to keep the right output I shot for up because I get hung up on school assignments.  Working over 40 hours a week tends to kill that nice momentum built up as well and on top of that I've been getting a ton of absolutely necessary work on my house done.

      Currently I'm looking into new windows and siding which is definitely going to put a huge dent in my future economic situation, but they really, really need to be changed- there's wood rotting, a shattered glass door, and a couple birds living in one wall.  These are issues that need attention stat!

     It is kind of tough sometimes, but I'm managing to keep a somewhat decent pace of a few posts a week.  Which was my original goal for school time.

     At this rate I might someday be a real live journalist!

     Or not.


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