Styx: Master of Shadows: Making of Video: Gameplay

     I've been following this game a lot lately, and today developers Cyanide Studios released a bunch of making of videos.  The only one I'll post here is the gameplay, and I'd recommend you check out their official game site linked below.

     Styx, the tiny, Amber-addicted, goblin assassin, is on his way to the source of his addiction and power- the World Tree in the Tower of Akenash.  Styx: Master of Shadows is a game that focuses on infiltration and has large vertical areas to give players opportunities to make their own paths with cunning and planning, because as the diminutive Styx, he can be easily overpowered by any of the humans and other beings you'll encounter.
     This simple premise of stealth and story has me fully anticipating a hit game.  I honestly believe this could be a very large gem hidden in a slew of recent sub-par gaming juggernauts.

     [ Styx the Game ]

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