Batman: Arkham Origins: Story DLC: Mr. Freeze

     After yesterdays Arkham: Origins DLC teaser image- I had guessed it could be my personal favorite Bat-villain Mr. Freeze because of the old animated series episode Heart of Ice.

     Today we get another teaser image that damn near confirms that speculation.  There have been no details given, just images, but how cool would it be if we got to play as Mr. Freeze?  Hopefully WB Games Montreal stays faithful to the Paul Dini penned tragedy Heart of Ice.  At least we know this will be story content and not more challenge maps.

     This has got me 100% on board for more Origins play time, especially if it's with Mr. Freeze.  Will we get to re-experience the entire origin tale for Victor and Nora Fries?  I certainly hope so.

     Source [ Arkham Origins Facebook ]

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