Kim Possible 2: Drakken's Demise Game Boy Advance (GBA) Replay & Review (RE)2

     This game is a prime example of taking something that was mundane at best and improving every aspect.  Better graphics, sound, gameplay, and even story!  The first Kim Possible (Revenge of Monkey Fist) wasn't special in any way- simply put- it's a forgettable time waster, but did they ever pull out stops for the sequel!

Those ghost Kims are training holograms.

     Right after loading the game there are immediately obvious improvements in looks, sounds, and music.  The animations are smooth, making the first one look downright choppy.  The music is great and the sounds are spot-on. Then, once you get started, you can see they've added a battery save (including check point auto saving), increased number of gadgets, and vastly larger levels to navigate through.
     The narrative is very coherent, unlike Revenge of Monkey Fist, where I was quite confused as to why anything was happening, or what was going on in general.  The story is easy to follow and makes sense considering it's based on a show made for kids.

     Instead of merely plowing straight through levels, this time there are reasons to explore the level.  Hundreds of collectibles and multiple paths to the end of each stage open up the world greatly.  Sometimes the platforming requires the use of gadgets and gymnastics skill moves, or occasionally creating shortcuts by tossing bad guys through breakable walls- possibly opening hidden areas.  There is a small hurdle in difficulty, nothing awful mind you- it is a kids game-, but there are some definitely challenging areas to navigate.  The liberal check point saving can be a heck of a blessing in those cases, and very helpful if you replay for collectibles.

     As for the action, well our heroine Kim starts with 2 gadgets, typical punches, kicks, and combos (they've also added the ability to damage enemies by jumping on their heads) and eventually open up things such as wall-jumping, enemy throwing, and a sneaking suit.  While you start with the lipstick that allows you to turn holes into trampolines and the absolutely necessary grappling hook, kid genius Wade eventually gets you hot sauce packets to melt ice and snowmen, a stealth suit to become invisible, and a reflective compact for lasers and projectiles.  All of the controls are clean and tight- everything worked perfectly here even with a few buttons and plenty of moves- everything felt responsive.

     There are 20 total levels over 4 stages.  They also include stages where you fly, skate, or swim your way through to break up the monotony of platforming.  Granted there is a ton of stuff to look for once you unlock all your gadgets and replay levels in the Global Justice Simulator.  Replaying levels allows you to get to previously inaccessible places which will also unlock more villains to beat and collectibles and thus a higher score for the level- and more trading cards in the extras section.

     This game is so engaging and shows such an absurd amount of sophistication that I am at a bit of a loss for words.  It is a tremendous game for the GBA- or for any 2D platformer-loving gamers for that matter, and I was blown away by how good it is.  This is a game I would give very high recommendations to, seriously- you also get to play a level as Ron Stoppable and another level as Rufus... the naked mole rat (scandalous!).  Kim Possible 2: Drakken's Demise is a finely polished gem for the GBA and packs a short-but-sweet-and-memorable punch.
     Kim Possible 2 was truly one small step for GBA action adventures, and one giant leap for Disney's licensed games.

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