TMNT: Ninja Turtle Tactics 3D Game Review

     Here's another short online game review.  This one is for the TMNT: Ninja Turtle Tactics 3D.  Tactics is a very simple combat simulator that Donatello created to help the turtles hone their ninja skills.

     This training lab is 4 sections of the sewers that you continuously circle through with increasing difficulty.  This first round you face off with one brother, the next adds a second, then the third, and eventually you start battling holograms or shadow turtles.  As well as collecting various Blueprints to add to your character over the course of replaying- some of which can give you things such as a faster special move mutagen, or exploding barrels.  They go into one of three types- Interactive Elements, Traps & Hazards, and Power-ups, and help by giving you things like life giving boosts, throwing stars, or mutagen canisters that build a special move meter.  You can use only one of each section, but that is still a total of 3 bonuses.    It's worth a note that there are codes to unlock these items right away.

     There isn't a lot of depth to this game but it is a really fun time waster to try an achieve higher scores over and over.  It's definitely worth a try considering it's a free browser game.  To play click the "source link" below.

     Source [ Nickelodeon TMNT ]

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