Heroes: Our Father

I'll try and keep this short.

Ando, Parkman, and Daphne go after the last issue of 9th Wonders. I still believe the continuity for Isaac's comics to death time is WAY off on this.

Nathan and Tracy are taking over control of Arthur's plan to imbue militaristic superpowers upon those they deem worthy.

Sylar kills Elle (and neatly left her skull on), then burns the body. He calls Arthur and lets him know he will be on his way after picking up some fun new powers from Elle's cell phone list.

Angela sends Peter and the Haitian to kill Arthur with a gun. I hope it's a magically enhanced super gun. Peter thinks it's his responsibility to do the job. He grows a pair, and pulls the trigger while the Haitian struggles to dampen Arthur's powers. Sylar intervenes and uses his newly acquired "Lie detector" power to find out that Arthur is a liar. Yeah, I'm sure the ability was an absolute necessity there.
So Sylar let's the bullet go into Arthur's skull. Won't Arthur revive after the Haitian leaves, unless the bullet is lodged in his "stop button"?(like Claire's stick, and Peter's glass shard)
Sylar lets Peter live because Peter "doesn't have anything he wants anymore."
Why didn't he absorb Arthur's power, then take it away from him, to leave him powerless before death??? Why did he ignore the Haitian as well??? A very handy power...
Then the Haitian leaves to take care of Sylar. I wonder if Arthur will heal, then give Peter some power back for displaying the power to not be a gaylord, and actually pulling the trigger.

Back in time: Claire warns Noah not to let her become the catalyst, because he would completely listen to a strange young woman. Good scene anyway. Now in the future he would remember he face from the past...
...and so should Kaito from meeting Hiro then and assuming he was part of the cooking staff.
Hiro gets some brain damage fixed from his healer mother, and takes the catalyst from her, so he can protect it for like 10 minutes.
Arthur shows up and steals his power and the catalyst, then flings him off the roof onto a pole. Arthur then displays something Hiro could have done but didn't: he teleports Claire without going himself. Does this mean he may also be able to retrieve things in the same matter, or does he still have to physically need to be in contact with an object???
Where is Now Hiro now? If they can't save him back in time, there would be an older Hiro in the present.

Arthur loads the catalyst into the vat of Campbell's super soup and then Mohinder, Tracy, and Nathan test it on a military guy that seems a little too patriotic. Now they have on their hands an over enthused super (crazy) soldier.

I am actually excited to see how the implied fight between the puppetmaster guy and Sylar plays out. Could the puppetmaster hold Sylar? He has shown the ability to hold 3 individuals without strain, so 1 may be easier. Plus, Sylar has no telepathic abilities. How awesome would it be if Sylar asked him if he thinks he could control him(Sylar), and the puppetmaster responds "Yes", and Sylar's lie detector confirms it???
Puppetmaster also has the benefit of the Haitian as a potential back up to keep Sylar powered down.

Done for now.


  1. This might explain why we see future Hiro talking in perfect English. Being stuck in New York for 16 years he has a lot of time to brush up on it. But I think that future Hiro from the first season has been changed. Fucking time travel, causes to many plot holes and confusion.

  2. its true, all these cool future characters may never surface because of the butterfly affect. But either way I'm excited for this new season coming up. the plot will make for some exciting scenes, X-men style.