Heroes: Eclipse Part 2

Finally Peter admits to trying to be a hero. The Haitian knew he was lying when he asked him why he came to Haiti, and Peter said he wanted to get him(Haitian) to stop his father(Arthur).

They head to break out Nathan, who is talking to some captives that will be sold into slavery. Their Captor is the Haitian's brother, who has a god-complex because of his power of invulnerability. Even though he knows his brother has the power to negate it, and the eclipse has temporarily stopped them as well.
Anyone with half a brain could guess the eclipse's effect wouldn't last. There was a showdown. Nathan rams Samedi into a vehicle and the Haitian steps up to do job he should have done long ago. He, presumably, stops the invulnerability and proceeds to mind-wipe him. Is this what an exorcism looks like?
The god has fallen.

Anyway Peter, Nathan, and the Haitian head into the jungle. Nathan tells Peter that Pinehearst does have the answers. Giving the 'right' people abilities to police the world by force. Obviously this will work(sarcasm feels so good), and Peter knows it won't work because he has been to the future and has seen the ramifications of Pinehearst's plans. Is Nathan going to become the next evil Petrelli? Next seasons main villain?

Mohinder gets beat up by human race flunky Flint. After Arthur leaves he resorts to physical violence to free himself. This is not the proper use of a microscope.
He heads to Maya's and the eclipse ends resulting in instant reappearance of scales. Nasty. Anyway he returns like a good sucker to Pinehearst. Arthur then makes a comment about how willing some people may be. How terrible we can become.

At the hospital doctors tell Sandra that they will call the police if she doesn't tell them the truth about Claire. (she was either more recently shot, or never sick in her life) That doesn't quite make sense because the regenerative ability would have made super antibodies. So she should have built immunities to all contacted items. Which means the infections/diseases she would have picked up should still be inactive.
So theoretically, only newly introduced foreign bodies/sicknesses should affect her. Oh, well.

Over in the Canfeild house Elle and Sylar finish making out just in time for Noah Bennett to shoot at them. Sylar expresses relief about being able to start over. No powers, no parents, no problem. Until Noah arrives.
I love how she points out that without powers they will probably die. They are about as threatening as a fart against a hurricane. He trails them, catches Sylar and cuts his throat. So much for being somebody Mr. Sylar. But the eclipse only lasts so long.

Matt tries to convince Daphne that, no, she isn't a complete dumbass(not being punished by Arthur, and not being a bad person). She seems to be very self involved. MEMEMEME. Lame.

Back to Claire. Noah returns and Claire is back to selfishland. Why weren't you there for me??? Maybe because he is trying to help the world, instead of an individual. She tells him she died, and he metaphorically craps his pants. Sylar lives!(insert dramatic music here)
Well Sylar and Elle show up and threaten them, and want to take Claire. Note that Mr. Muggles is nowhere to be seen.

On to the best parts of the show-Hiro and Ando.
Hiro uses his company card to pay for back issues of 9th Wonders. I am still pissed about the comics being published. He died before the future was changed. Twice. So how could he have painted the now.
And I LOVE how they referred to the issue that Isaac gave a comic to a random bike messenger.
Well Sam and Frack have to help figure out a way to help Hiro get his memory back. (isn't the memory wipe a physical scarring? Like Adam and Peter healing to regain memory.)
Hiro learns that he became a potential killer, his father died, and about Charlie and Adam. He then runs into the bathroom to hide. He doesn't want to grow up.
Sam the skeptic has to provide sage-like advice to lure Hiro back into the journey of a hero.
Everyone has to grow up. ANYONE can make a difference.
Frack discovers in a comic that Hiro and Claire were there when Kaito bestowed baby Claire into the hands of younger Noah Bennett.

And to the best scene in the episode:
Sylar is cutting Noah's throat.
Hiro teleports in, Sylar is all like, "...the hell?"
Hiro says, "Bad man", and teleports him away.
Elle is like, "???"
Hiro returns and says, "Save the Cheerleader.", and teleports her away.
He returns to port Claire away.
Leaving Noah and Sandra wondering, What the f*ck?

Hiro has immense potential, and his 10 year old self is living more up to it than his current aged self was. Is he back on the road to freaking awesome Hiro from the future? I hope so.

Last scene. Elle and Sylar on an unnamed beach. Sylar's power brought back his understanding. He "understands" that he will never change. Even though he did in the future that isn't going to happen anymore. No more chance of little Noah to redeem Sylar.
He starts cutting Elle's head off to get some knowledge out.

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  1. sylers character befuddled me last episode. nothing changed enough so that he should have just decided to turn bad again. he got killed by noah.. thats expected.. did he think that noah new of his moral changes.. no.. i just don't get it.