Christmas cards day 19: The Naughty Pillow

If we told children that if they were naughty they would wake up to Santa smothering them with the "Naughty Pillow", we might have some nicer kids nowadays. The concept was this bully kid didn't believe in Santa and started spreading rumors about it to other kids in his class. Well, Santa, he isn't gonna take any shit. Specially from a 5th grader. So Mr. Kringle decided to mete out punishment to those bad kids. Oh, there is much more to this story. I thought about writing it for a novella for next Christmas for all my friends.
Actually... I will start on it soon.
Something about making these cards brings out the strange in me. These last two put me at the top of my ideas game. Why do I think these things up? And after, why can't I stop giggling like a little devil-girl that just convinced some diabetic person to eat an entire box of very evil, ultrasugary cookies? Tee-hee-hee-hee...
I couldn't get the colors right, and ran short on time, but I think I made a pretty good final copy.

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