Christmas cards Day 1: Can You See the Hidden Picture?

I am planning on putting up Christmas cards I made throughout the month. I decided to go all digital this year as printing costs have risen each year. I will try to put one up each day until Christmas day. (Thanks to Nick for suggesting daily posting instead of a bulky massive post for each year's cards.)
Most of the early ones are old cards I made, I hold all the copyrights, but give permission for people to use/email them freely. I just ask that I be given credit for the creation, like leave my blog address or name or something. (The year I made them is on each card, this first one is from 2003)

I also note that very similar cards have come out the next year after mine. Awkward.
I cannot find any cards from 2004, some of the best were from that year, including my personal favorite. Tears.

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