Supergirl: First Trailer and Some Thoughts

     After watching and waiting to comment on CBS's first Supergirl trailer, I am both impressed and a little put off by it.  The trailer overall is good, but it has such a Devil Wears Prada, model and looks focused vibe that feels strange to see.  Granted, they are probably aiming for the less gritty and more young women audience so it does make sense.

     I'm definitely not the first to think it reeks of the SNL parody of the Age of Ultron film- Black Widow's spoof skit, and rightfully so.  This Supergirl has an Ugly Betty with super powers feel- the archetypal story of a girl trying to both fit in and finally accept herself- only this time she has extraordinary abilities.

     One great thing to note is they aren't pulling a Smallville and having her slowly reach for or grow into her powers, but rather having her have them right at the start.  At least it seems to be she has many of them immediately.  Thus avoiding the annoyance of waiting and waiting for the good stuff to happen.

     With Kara's potential fashion based job, we might have some explanation to her choice of wardrobe.  I personally think she should be wearing a suit more like Superman's from Man of Steel, but alas, she appears to want to look good as well as help people.
     It also seems weird that she has the typical avoidance of dating and stay home mentality that I see in a lot of teenage outsider shows that I really hope gets explained.  My only real issue so far is actually first, the fact that we already have 3 people that know who she is, and second, with photography and modern media, who isn't going to know that Kara Danvers is Supergirl?  Especially because she makes no real effort to look different- sort of like the Clark Kent/Superman thing.

     I do highly appreciate the special effects, the decent nods to the rest of the DC universe (like the "Not an 'S,' photographer Jimmy "James" Olsen, Kal-El's cape, etc), and most especially I liked the inclusion of the conversation about using the name with girl.  "What do you think is so bad about 'girl'?"  That is a very good moment to include in the trailer.
     So I'll give Supergirl a try once it hits tv even though it appears to be an semi-teen-angsty show.  There at least is an underlying message that will get to young women, that they should ignore the bad and focus on the good, the idea that sometimes it's yourself perceiving the bad where there really isn't anything.

     One last thing, I find it extra amusing that Kara's Earth parents are being played by former Supergirl Helen Slater, and former Superman Dean Cain.  Awesome.

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