Josh News: The Huh? Passes 250K Visits!!!

     I've been extra busy lately, I had school finals, a surgery, a large amount of editorial work as an intern for Poetry City, USA, got married, and I am still working full time at a hospital with wonderful events like this [ Blood Squirt... Not the awesome Valiant Comics one though ] - so I have been a little behind in posting here.  Although I have been drafting like a madman, and have been prepping to start doing video reviews and a bunch of other small goodies to share here on the blog in the coming months.

     So finally breaking the 250K visits mark is a little bit of an achievement for me.  As someone that doesn't consider himself a writer or artist or any such thing, but simply as "just a guy," I think it's a wonderful thing that I've had so many visits in the last couple years, and want to thank all of you readers for that.  Sure, it isn't anything truly special, but for essentially being a nobody, to me it is a small kind of achievement.

     Thank you all again.

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