The Great Bob Hoskins has Died at 71

     After retiring from acting two years ago when diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, Bob Hoskins has died of Pneumonia.

     He was a tremendous character actor, with such versatility he could play villainy and charm with equal measure.  Many of my generation will remember him from films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Hook, but I prefer to recall his roles in Shattered, The Long Good Friday, and Heart Condition.  All three of them are wonderful movies.  I might even go and find a copy of Super Mario Bros the movie to re-watch in honor of this fine actor.  It might not be the best movie, but it's still fun.  And it has John Leguizamo, which is always a plus.

     Sadly, he'll also be the only way I could picture the character of Bayaz (The First of the Magi) from Joe Abercrombie's book The Blade Itself.

     He will be missed.

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