A Borderlands 2 Prequel in the Works? (A Pre-Sequel)

     If the rumors are true, CEO Randy Pitchford of Gearbox said that while they aren't currently working on a Borderlands 3, 2K Australia was working on a pre-sequel.  A game to take place in the 5 years between parts 1 and 2.

     This game would be set on both the moon of Pandora, Elpis, and on the Hyperion moonbase that every Borderlands 2 player has dreamed of visiting.  It would be during a time when Jack was simply another Hyperion lackey named John, and the 4 playable characters that sound a little familiar would be his lieutenants:
     1) Former Lance Assassin, the Mercenary Athena the Gladiator (from General Knoxx's DLC).
     2) Wilhelm the Enforcer, whether before he became part loader we can only guess.
     3) Nisha the Lawbringer, sounds a little like the Sheriff of Lynchwood (Jack's Girlfriend).
     4) Fragtrap- a militiarised Claptrap.

     Other rumors include 2 new weapon types, lasers and cryo guns.  There's also a possibility the game will have low gravity mechanics to coincide with jetpacks, and an Oxygen system for continued breathing that may also be exploited for dispatching enemies as well.

     So far, there has been no official confirmation, and I can't be too sure this isn't an elaborate and delayed gag of some sort- but it's also rumored to be set for a late 2014 release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC- which means no next gen consoles. (I think that would be a tellling fact that it may have been in production for some time if it isn't slated for release on the PS4 or Xbox One.)
     Along with Telltale's Tales From the Borderlands, and the final Headhunter Pack/DLC Sir Hammerlock vs The Son of Crawmerax, this would be another nice addition to sate my Borderlands fandom until they make a Borderlands 3 in like 5 years.
     I certainly hope this is true and we finally get to visit the Moonbase.

     Source [ GamePointsNow ]

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