Illustration Friday: Blur

I only had a short time for a quick sketch.  I wanted to put in a drunken old man, with a bunch of different fuzzy, blurred thought bubbles, but because time is short, I am just saying screw it and leaving it at the crappy sketch stage.

And I think my computer hates me.

Hopefully, this Friday's will go much better.  Plus I have a ton of draft material I'm editing.  Soon there shall be FUN STUFF!   SOOOOOOOON...  If things go well with computer fixing.


  1. Dude did you do this on the cintique?

  2. (Sobbing) ... I still can't use it! (more sobbing) My laptop is dying a little more every day. The Cintiq is still unopened and laughing at me each night.
    (yet even more tears and sobbing)