Heroes: Once Upon a Time in Texas

Here's the latest attempt to keep a Heroes post short.

I'll get the parts I felt were the least entertaining out of the way first.  Noah Bennett has a not-quite-love-interest, in the form of a seductress/coworker.  She isn't super powered, just a lonely lady looking for connection.  He repeatedly says no, and in the end she resorts to wiping her mind through the Haitian instead of living with the possible embarrassment of her situation, and Mr. Bennett maintains marital sanctity.  I believe this was just episode stuffing- just extra fluff.

This episode's main course is Hiro going back to save Charlie, the waitress girl with mega memory that Sylar killed in season 1.  Hiro has to try and fix things while keeping an untarnished timeline.  Making sure things stay as close to how it was as possible, without deviating from this momentous convergence of people.  Samuel shows up to get Hiro to rethink this, because it affects a large group of intersecting lives(Peter, Sylar, Claire, etc), not just a couple.  Mostly he is doing it to keep Hiro from messing Sylar up any more than future Sylar already is, or so we are led to think.
After many attempts at stopping/diverting Sylar, Hiro eventually gets him to agree to save Charlie in return for Hiro's knowledge of Sylar's future.  Sylar does it, I believe, for more than just the knowledge of future, perhaps also because Hiro is faster and could seriously mess with his plans of gaining great power.  Sylar also doesn't need to get Charlie's ability through killing her anyway, and if things were as I believe them to be or could have gone, he may have studied Hiro's brain enough to have taken the power.  A very small chance of that occuring, but it is there anyway.  It would majorly affect the timestream, and probably didn't happen as it would change FAR too many variables if Sylar got time travel.  I also like how Hiro knows he doesn't have much time to live and he helped save Charlie, but has no way help himself.
(On a side note- this may explain why Sylar never used Charlie's memory in season 1 after getting it, even though Hiro saw her dead)
Anyway, Sylar fixes Charlie.  Then Hiro tells Sylar he becomes the most powerful of the specials, killing many people,  and everyone else gathers together to stop him.  He will die alone, no one to mourn him, no tears shed.  Hiro also says he wishes he could change fate, but Sylar must go on his path.  That is a bold statement for someone changing history while saying he wishes he could change history.  He then leaves Sylar elsewhere.  Charlie feels that her life shouldn't cost others their lives and leaves Hiro. 

She changes her mind and comes back, but then Samuel has takes her.  He had the elderly time guy hide her somewhere in time as his dying act and is using that as leverage to get Hiro to fix one of his own "stepped on butterflies".  The mistake Samuel made was killing Mohinder 8 weeks earlier.  Which I think is a nice explanation to why no one has been able to get ahold of him.  Which also makes me wonder, is Molly still alive?  She barely ever reappears.  Mohinder and Parkman were her surrogate fathers, and they are awfully neglectful.

I believe that with Hiro reattaining his powers, he could easily go back to the point where Samuel is having Old Man Time send Charlie off, freeze time, inform the OMT what he is doing, and save Charlie in an easy manner.  It would appear to Samuel that OMT did what was asked, but in reality Charlie would be perfectly safe where/whenever Hiro would place her.  But NOOOOOOO...  that will probably not happen, even though that's what a reasonable person would do.  Or, at least, what I would do.  Simple and effective.

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