Heroes: Strange Attractors

Another super late, crappy and quick Heroes post.

Noah and Tracy try to get the healer/death touch kid Jeremy released from jail.  Jeremy's townspeople believe he should be kept, and are purposely keeping him detained.  Upon release the twon mobs him and he uses the death touch, bu trefuses to heal him, thus resulting in more jail time. 
A couple of the police sneak him out and in a very sad scene chain him to a pickup truck.  Jeremy refuses to use the death touch on one of them and him is drug to death.  This was one of the best story parts of this show- A kid finally coming to terms with what he can do and choosing to not use it for wrong, then dying because of ignorant people.  Of course the cops never saw the healing, only the death.
Well, Noah and Tracy end up finding him and thinking they have let him down.  Somehow all the years of his "killing animals" (being hearsay- Jeremy has shown regret for killing, so maybe it wasn't true) and they think they failed.  Noah's job was to tag and observe- how could he know that the healing what also result in the death touch as well?  He mentioned another had the ability, but until it manifests, how can they be sure?
In any case Jeremy was definitely the most moving part the series has had in a while. 

Samuel shows up and talks to Tracy to get her to join the Carnival and she appears to be considering it.  This travelling fair is getting to be rather large, with all Sam's invites.  Well he goes on his way, and in the end levels the police station containing Jeremy's murderers.  At least we know he has a sense of justice- vengence for harming those he considers "Family".

Over in Sorority-ville, Claire and Gretchen are stuck with a couple other girls in a slaughterhouse type game of find the stuffed bear.  Whichever pair finds the bear get into the Sorority.  During the search Claire admits to needing Gretchen and they find out Rebecca has invisibility and may be trying to hurt them.  The second group saw both Claire heal and Rebecca go invisible.  Awkward explaining that to everyone else.

Now for Mr. Parkman.  He has the remarkable ability to do things with the brain, with the exception of using his own.  Somehow Sylar is hitchhiking around in Parkman's skull, and Parkman tries to drink him away.  Matt goes on a binge drinking session and Sylar fades away which is quickly followed by the triumphant Matt passing out.  When he wakes up Sylar has taken over his body.
How the hell did this happen?  What are these writer's thinking?  First off, from previous posts I've expressed my hate towards the idea of Sylar in Matt's head.  Making someone believe they are someone else doesn't make a second person, it is OVERWRITING the original.  One person.  Not a person and a second mind.  And certainly not one person and a second mind in the Overwriter's mind. 
On to the drinking Sylar away issue.  Taken from the story view- even if they are sharing a brain, Sylar would be fully exposed to the same amount of alchohol as Parkman and couldn't have taken over.  Besides, Sylar cannot use his own powers anymore to find out how Parkman's work because his are stuck in his own body.  Parkman has control over the brain/mind- he could easily contain and shelf Sylar off in some crappy memories forever.  Or better yet- stuff him in a coma patient's body or something.  Then Sylar would be confined to a useless body. 

This stuff is really starting to piss me off.

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