Obama Inauguration!

Hurray for the INOCULATION of JOE BAMA!
Who's this Joe Bama anyway???

Just kidding.

Seriously, this celebration of change in political leadership is a big deal. Hopefully the inspiration Obama radiates leads this country to an all time high, in both economics and in the general atmosphere of America's well-being.
Of course it will take years of plodding to achieve goals for everyone. There will still continue to be trouble, continuing turbulence. Life will still be a struggle, but things WILL get better. It just takes a lot of hard work and an even larger amount of time. Patience is a necessity in this era, but given the state of this country, we can definitely afford to be methodical and slow moving.
Change happens. I anticipate the future Obama paints. He invites us all to participate. We all need to lend a hand in its creation.
Step by step change will happen and we are all partly responsible for it.
Support the change for good.

I eagerly await what lies ahead.

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