Heroes: Duel: notes and thoughts

AH, Finally going back to doing some Heroes posts that, as far as I can tell, no one actually reads all of. Which is quite all right. Nobody listens to me in other aspects of life either.

I Just a bunch of miscellaneous thoughts:

How is it that Arthur Petrelli died with a bullet through the head. Maybe it is the destruction of whatever gland/organ that controls the healing? Pituitary? Pineal? Hypothalamus?
That also leads me to wonder, when Sylar left and magically showed up in Odessa in a very short time later, the Haitian was going to follow Sylar, and disappeared.

I also noticed that a bunch of built up stories were all reversed, Sylar is bad again, and not a Petrelli. Nathan is back to being a selfish dousche. Peter is a powered. With Nathan proposing to the President(I think it may be the guy that played Warf in Star Trek), I believe the future may be changing back to the Five Years Gone type. Or a similar type future. Could Nathan have been replaced in the time from the Odessa fire to the Proposal?

Mohinder has become a non-monstrosity. Does he still have powers- perhaps the solution provided a remedy for scales, and the power at the same time. Could he also make more of the Formula for powers with his catalyst induced bath? And what ever happened to the Shanti virus? Can he simulate that as well?

Anyway, he now has a semi-powerful backer with connections through Tracy. Who is also probably on the run from Nathan's Proposal.

In the series 3 future Hiro was Amped up(red electrical blast), WHY? Does an underground supply come from Mohinder?
That also makes me think about how they have been eliminating potential time travel. It can only be done now with Daphne and Ando together.

Character deaths: Are the fire makers dead? One would think form previous mentions that they are immune to fire. So did rubble kill them off For Sure?

Sylar- Is obviously going to get better. Step 1) remove glass shard. Step 2) Apply tiny bandage.
And all is well. I believe he may yet prove to be somewhat good. He let Peter live because he had nothing Sylar wanted. And in the Five Years Gone I think he told Claire he may have enough powers after hers. Not too sure about that though. He also from the looks of things didn't bother taking any Level 5 residence people's abilities.

That also reminds me, the puppet master guy fight should have been so much better.
Sylar: "Do you really think you can control me?"
P.M.: "Yes"
Sylar: truth power activates a confirmation.
cut to commercial
P.M.: proceeds to have Meridith burn Sylar and Herself, while having Sylar systematically cut himself apart. Then watches patiently, with joy as he heals, only to repeat the process.

Parkman's powers- Has he somehow made a shade of someone(Usutu)? He has seen him a couple times since death, so is it an extension of his own power (seeing the ghost of a person) or is he keeping a portion of the person in his mind? Or is it just Usutu working from beyond the grave?

That's all for now...


  1. damn, i've missed a lot. A friend has been updating me weekly because I haven't got round to watching season 3.

  2. You are only missing a little. It does have a bunch of great moments, but the pure power of the first season hasn't been repeated.
    Maybe the show can reclaim that feeling. I'm crossing my fingers!